• I suppose we could keep the Wi-Fi and wear those little hats made of aluminum foil instead???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|

    Ah well, it was good while it lasted???¡é?¡é???????|..

    As I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ém writing this, I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ém sure the 5Ghz is making me want to order another cheese pizza with extra toppings???¡é?¡é???????|.


  • These people are claiming to be allergic to RF.

    Dave, wouldn't the power output from the cell tower be about equal or higher than what would be coming from a cell phone in a neighbors house?


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    And do they have a microwave oven or cordless phones? This is simple to disprove... put them in their house with a blindfold and turn a jammer on and off at the neighbor's house. If the person can detect the RF as it goes on and off, they have a legitimate problem... not a lawsuit, mind you, but perhaps a case for Dr. House. :)

  • God help us if the lawyers get their hands on it???¡é?¡é???????|.. Mind you, we will have a choice of suitable headware???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|.

    They will serve a dual function for those who believe that those pesky aliens are bombarding them with thoughts???¡é?¡é???????|.

    The guy in the article is probably not aware that if he has an ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°old???¡é?¡é???????? UHF TV, he has been bombarded with RF for years. TV???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡és have a local oscillator inside which is used to downconvert the TV RF signal down to about 70 MHz prior to feeding it into the demodulator. This oscillator radiates energy all over the room. In the UK, you need a licence for your TV. How do they know who has a TV ? Special detector vans go around and look for the tell-tale energy from a local oscillator in a ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°live???¡é?¡é????????TV. They can check the street address to see if that person has paid !!,5753,-22440,00.html

    [ Love some the comments in the last one ]

    [ The youtube one is real !! It's not Monty Python !!]

    Of course this will put to rest any of those pre-conceived ideas that people have about British eccentricity???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|..!! [ Well???¡é?¡é???????|.maybe not???¡é?¡é???????|???¡é?¡é???????|.]

    On a serious side:

    GT..Yes, you???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ére right. The jury is still out on cell phone safety despite all the reports that say ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°it???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡és safe???¡é?¡é???????? and ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°it can actually improve your health???¡é?¡é???????????¡é?¡é???????|the latter one came out last week. Those cell towers crank out a fair bit of power.

    When I was working on large satellite dishes [ 100- 105 feet across ], they were constructed of panels. These panels did not actually fit exactly together to allow for thermal expansion etc. We had riggers who would hang off the back of the panels removing rust etc.

    Only relatively small amounts of physical RF power [ a few tens of watts ] were needed to complete an international link. The gain of the main antenna ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°boosted???¡é?¡é???????? up the EIRP. Some of this energy would leak through the small gaps [ 6 Ghz ]. The riggers were always told that the PFD [ Power Flux Density ] was so small that they had nothing to worry about. These guys travelled all over the world on these dishes. Some had been at it for over 30 years. Out of four older guys that I knew, three developed cancers of the head region.. One lost his eye and the other two had major operations. In all three cases, the doctors asked them ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°Have you been exposed to microwave radiation ????¡é?¡é???????? Co-incidence ? Perhaps. What about the large group of British Telecom engineers who did the initial trials for car mobile phones ? They drove around all day making calls with the handset pushed up against their heads [ 8 hours a day ]. 85% of them developed serious cancers. I am very careful with mobile phones. I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡éll use a land line whenever possible. I only use them when I have to and even then put them on speaker phone when I can, or hold them a bit away from my head. [ the RF level drops exponentially with distance ]. I???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡éve seen too many RF engineers with cancer over the years compared to other groups. 900 Mhz is very close to 1 Ghz [ the ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°official???¡é?¡é???????? start of the microwave band. "Normal" use is fine, but I think that if someone has a cellphone jammed against their head for several hours a day, that is maybe not so good long term.


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    Hope this it is not viral !

    Dr. Emmett "Doc" L. Brown: What on Earth's this thing I'm wearing?

    Marty McFly: Ah, this, this is a radiation suit.

    Dr. Emmett "Doc" L. Brown: Radiation suit? Of course, because of all the fallout from the atomic wars!

    In all seriousness, I have worked around levels of radiation in Microwave and Satellite Terminals in the Army that might be cause of some of my ailments today.

    Not sure... will the Army , kiss and tell... hurry-up and wait...not in our lifetime.

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