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  • Anyone have any idea about enabling redundancy without using load-balancing?


  • Hi tia,

    They support Preffered adoption list to acheive what you need .Please contact their support for more details.


  • Hello Tia,
    The RFS4K has two modes for redundancy. One is active-active. When two RFS4K's are configured as primary's, they will split the load of the adopted AP's between the two when load balancing is enabled. You can also use preference ID's, as previously mentioned, on each RFS4K and specifically configure which AP's you want adopted on each switch. If load balancing is not enabled, the ports will arbitrarily adopt to each switch, based on load.

    The other mode is primary-standby. You configure one RFS4K as the primary and the other RFS4K as standby. The AP's will adopt to the primary, if there is a failure with the primary, the standby will take control and adopt the AP's.

    Please visit and download the RFS System Reference Guide, which has all of the information pertaining to redundancy configuration. If you have a valid support agreement and/or the device has been purchased 90 days or less, call 800.653.5350 and have a support case generated and one of our technicians will assist you.

    Chris Frazee

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