• Cisco koolaid..

  • The truth is, that unless it is said that a manufacturer had input and participated with a study, that the results are suspect. In addition, it doesn't take much for a manufacturer to change the code so that performance is increased. The companies that do this testing like Novarum, basically do what the company that pays them to do, which is show that their system is better.

    This is more interesting, because Cisco was only concerned with wireless business when it affected their switching business, which is where they make the real money. Cisco's wired business must be really hurting to be forced to produce this. Typically they would not care about wireless to this extent.

  • Thanks a lot for bringing this up .

    Look the photo where the person who tested has hooked up all the APs.Dont you find something is missing.
    OOOOps cisco guys forgot to put Antennas to the Motorola AP.

    Ha ha if moto can perform reasonalbly well with no antennas ,how good it would perform with antennas .
    This is cheap marketing from cisco period.. .


  • Errr...

    That could be the Motorola AP7131 with the chassis with the integrated antennas, so they wouldn't show in the photo.

    Either that, or the antennas have gone the way that traditional AP7131 antennas go, being used to spread the butter on the sandwiches.

    Neil Mac

  • Pls have a look at AP7131 website and have a look at the Output power and RSSI differences .Definetly better output power and RSSI Gives better range and performance.
    "Have been there seen that ".

    I bet you ,hook up the Antennas and feel the difference .

    The comparison made in the video is not apple to apple comparsion.Anyone who know 802.11 will understand how o/p and rssi on radio impacts the overall performance .

    I'm still nuetral here .Even i pursue cisco certs and value their technology .But i will not agree with the videos that they have come up .Lets take a nuetral standpoint.


  • Do a simple google search for AP7131 and check what you get .You find them with Antennas. You just take a call on why the test was done with internal Antennas .I leave it to everyone .

    Wireless wizard

  • I think this just shows that Cisco feels that other vendors are really cutting into their market share. Where are the configs and topology for the LAN/WLAN? I mean Moto using AAP for a 7131 doesn???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ét require a switch except to d/l the config, wtf? As to coverage size, I don???¡é?¡é?????¡é???¡ét know what you guys survey, but typically in these situations I survey for capacity not the largest coverage cell I can create, not very ???¡é?¡é?????¡­?¡°real world???¡é?¡é????????. Hey, Cisco makes decent WLAN gear but stuff like this just makes you wonder?

  • Hello Guys,

    I also gone through these videos which was posted in youtube from cisco.

    The main question over here comes in my mind is that what is the chipset solutions all these vendors are using. As I know there are few top vendors are Ralink, Atheros, Intel, Marvell, Conexant, Realtek. As they have mentioned that in client side they have used intel N and G client. But what was their chipset for AP.

    For best performance there are two things must be aligned.
    1. Wireless driver.
    2. Antenna design.

    Here if the two vendor use the same chipset and if there is much difference between their performance is their antenna design. By these video it seems that Motorola is going well and giving a good competition to Cisco.

    Gurudev Sajwan

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