• Cisco conducted testing with 60 clients in the 2.4 GHz and 5 Ghz specs..

  • What happened to the days when Network World would invite vendors to test their equipment, and allow all the vendors to participate and comment or optimize their equipment to obtain the best results?

    A single vendor testing their competitor's equipment? I'm sure alot of people with less than average intelligence fall for that stuff, but it is far from objective. Very few vendors these days will subject their equipment to serious REAL testing.

    Cisco pretty much owns the wifi market, so them putting out videos about how well they do against other vendors when they have at least 60% of the market is very suspect. There have been other videos posted here of Cisco vs other manufacturers and it is very interesting. The first rule of marketing is to NOT mention any of your competitors, because you don't want to give them any attention. There is one exception to this rule; when you are forced by competitive pressure to answer.

    What is not understood, however is why people that should know better repost this stuff?

  • cjoseph Escribi?3:

    What is not understood, however is why people that should know better repost this stuff?

    I suppose this comment is directed towards me because i am the one posting it and proving this to the readers here.

    This is a forum to discuss enterprise lan implementations for folks like you and others to provide your view and feedback, if you didnt know. So others can understand and learn from.

    Cisco is the leading WLAN provider. And then dont always do everything right. There are other vendors that do compete well and i agree with your statement.

    If you dont care for these post, dont read them and dont be rude with comments such as yours. This forum is a life line for new wireless engineers and they should see what the leading wlan provider in the world is marketing, good bad or ugly.

    In short, do what are parents have taught us.. If you dont have anything kind to say, dont say anything at all.

  • Gstefanick,

    I can see how you think that sentence, viewed alone, could be personal. It was not intended that way and I apologize if that is how it was taken.

  • I personally would take no notice of one vendor spouting of about how good they are compared to other vendors Cisco is well known as a Marketing Machine problem is they are Bloody good at it!!

    It is a Pity that there isn't a Wireless version of Tolly they independantly test data switch and other networking products and are well r ;-) espected in their field

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