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    I am planning for new setup for a big office and wanna know how good is ruckus wireless devices and their post sales support...

    Pls advice.

  • Excellent in performance and coverage at a price that is affordable.

    I have been a VAR of Ruckus since 2007 and they never let me down in their support & services.

  • I have had good experience deploying a Ruckus solution in our lodge hotel rooms with 40 APs. I contacted their support once during the initial install and reached someone promptly.

  • this product have a lot a problem y implement this with ZD and rukus is a **** device and not all wireless card compatible en special the chipset ralink. and dont use the certificated for login and connect the computer, is very lowwwww. i never buy this product again. the custumer support is very nice but know and never fix my problem. the own Egn. not to know how fix the problem this a joke!!!! i learn after this situation the wireless AP built-in chipset is ATHEROS or MARVELL like use ArubaNet, Cisco or MeruNet, TrapezieNet.

  • Thank you all for the comments.

    As far as the last post, if you don't mind explaining the problem you had I may be able to address it.

    Our AP's do use Atheros chipsets. Some of our AP's and controllers are Wi-Fi certified and the rest are in the hands of the Wi-Fi alliance. I know that this doesn't mean that there is never a compatibility problem but should reassure people that we have gone through proper testing procedures.

    Thanks again for comments!


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    Thanks GT. lmgpr7, please mind the language (I edited), and try to help us better understand your issue. I've used Ralink chipsets with Ruckus gear previously with good results, so I imagine your experience has either been remedied or was a unique case. Also, I'm not sure I undertand what you were saying about the Atheros chipset in the AP, but if you are saying that the Aruba, Meru, and Trapeze all use Marvell instead of Atheros, I believe you are mistaken.

  • the problem is incompatibility of cards they were always disconnected and they connected, it lost the key. they were connected to 65 mb in way N Belkin N (chipset Ralink) in short we were almost 6 months with the problem I had to buy new cards to make new tests D-link N (chipset Marvell) and NETGEAR V2 (Chipset Atheros) the Dlink didn't give problems but alone it connected at 65mbs the best it was the NetGear V2 (chipset Atheros) All USB.

    To all this the engineers never deduced they didn't know that it happened the problem we fix it us.

  • So some client cards worked and some didn't? I of course can't dispute that but with tens of thousands of AP's deployed I can say that there is no known problems with compatibility with Wi-Fi compliant devices.

    I'm not sure when this problem occurred, but there were problems with "pre-n" cards and compatibility across many vendors. These devices were problematic prior to the Wi-Fi draft 2.0 cert.

    If you can tell me what the ticket number was with tech support I can further research it.


  • Guys if you buy non WIfi certified APs/ WLAN solutions don't be surprised to see incompatibilities... ;)

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