• Just thought I'd pass on some positive feedback regarding TrainSignal.

    I recently purchased their CWNA DVD set. The material is great, but I was having an issue with the audio dropping off during playback. At first I just put up with it, but it seemed to worsen as I went through the lessons. I decided to send an email to their support group. They got back to me the same day, advised me that there was a known issue and a new set of the DVDs had been produced. They sent me a new one the same day, and also set up an account for me to view the lessons over the internet as another option. This works great too.

    It's nice to get good service, just thought I'd pass it on!

  • Nice to see a relly really great bit of customer service getting posted rather than just complaints and issues good work Stackman

  • I must say I had the same issue with my DVD set on both sets they sent me. I found that opening the wmv files on the second disk worked just fine. You lose the navigation menu but thats it.

  • Mike, If you want a new set that works properly with the menu, just send them an email with your order information. They sent me a replacement via UPS express, it got here in 1 day! I know the WMV files work, but it's nice to have the table of contents as well.

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