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  • Hi all ,
    i am new for CWNA but i studied it long time ago ... every time i decide to take the exam I worried about it and decide to postpond it ..

    No I decide to take the Exam but the question is ... did the exam will come from practice tests pools , can i also study the pass4sure??

    help me please

  • Pass4sure is a braindump site so you shouldnt use that, there are some practice tests in the cd at the back of the book but I assume the seperate practice tests you can purchase is a bigger pool.

  • Thanks Pete for you reply , I study now from the seperate practice tools but does the questions come as it is ???

  • By (Deleted User)

    No, the questions on the exam do not come from the questions you see in the practice test pools on

    The exam questions cover the topics shown in the CWNA PW0-104 exam objectives.

    And, I will reiterate that using any product for any exam from pass4sure is cheating. Don't do it.

  • Refer to the sticky post: [url=]Cheaters never prosper[/url]

  • By (Deleted User)


    Besides aren't the tests very new for the CWNP and this means you have no choice but to actually study for the exam.

    It's what I like about the program. Seems to be focused on anti-cheating.

    Makes the investment in time, materials, effort, and sacrifice worth it all.

  • I think the newness of the exam irrelevent its the whole morality.

    Lete the cheats cheat if they are caught name and shame them and ban them for life, maybe other cert vendors should do more.

    Its an industry out there and I would say at least 20% of cert holders have cheated, there was a post on another forum advocating the use of dumps and trying to justify wth the I"I study but want to see how my knowledge is".

    Rubbish, use the braindump your a cheat end of. Not only will it affect your career having your name in lights saying cheat bit its career limiting and all vendors should collaborate and collective;y strip candidates.

    You are also only cheating yourself and you will get found out as soon as you get on the job as a fraud.

    Irrelevant if the certs new or not

  • I have to say, CWNP will revoke your cert if you are found cheating. Ive seen post here of users stating such.

    But i will also mention, in the defense of new students. You first need to understand the overall concept of the subject you are studying. Then start to deep dive the specifics. Also use other material for study. For example,are you studying 802.11 frame analysis pull up other authored material on this same subject. The different perspective adds great value --- so think of it like this ...

    Understand high level your subject ---> DEEP dive the specifics ---> Pull in other authored material to get a better rounded on the details.

    Here is something else to chew on.... And something you may not want to hear ... in MOST cases. Authors who write certification books DO NOT have access to the actual test questions. They write to the topics that the exam covers. SO now you are trusting the author and will they cover all the topics in detail ?

    Most books dont cover all the topics in great detail *cough (cisco press) * dont mean to pick on Cisco Press. But we all been there ... study the exam from the offical cert guide and get to the seat and BAM. Where the hell did that question come from !? Was that in the book !? LOL

    Most authors should mention ... this book is the official guide but other topic specific material should be referenced. They would save lots of face ...

    As for the CWNP books. I passed my exams with the official cwnp books. I did reference other material, but for the most part the cwnp books are solid.

    Good Luck !

  • By (Deleted User)

    Well said wirelesssguru. I'll add only this: don't study FROM the study guide. Study FROM the exam objectives. That way, you'll see when there's something in the objectives that's not covered well - or not covered at all - in the study guide. And, when you grill yourself on the objectives, there will never be any surprises on the exam.

    If it's in the objectives, it's fair game for appearing on the exam.

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    I've been around the block more than once with certification exams and for quite a few vendors by now. You may not believe in new exams and "freshness" adds to the flavor. I do.

    I'm not naive to think everyone wants a challenge. Not at all. Most people don't like taking test, go to interviews, or otherwise being challenged. It's just life.

    Some of us do. I know what I know about it from years of hard-earned experience and being on quite a few boards dedicated to certification for quite a while now. I'd even go so far as to say I'm an authority on the matter.

    Long before I studied for certification exams I studied learning in general and human behavior to some degree.

    I really never had to look much further than water going down hill. It's called the path of least resistance. Gravity is a another example.

    Sorry - I've seen the lengths people will go to shortcut the exam. I've heard more stories than a Catholic priest with a church outside of a "parlor" when it comes to "why".

    I don't expect people to change their nature.

    I expect exams to rotate content and questioning enough to maintain the value of the certification.

    100 new questions once ever 30-120 days...

    And you beat the bad guys.

    It does not take much but it does take something.

    Maybe the fees test vendors have to pay prometric or vue have something to with it. Maybe it is the cost of advertising.

    Me - I would never change the my exam number... I'd change the objectives and the test questions at least quarterly and if I know my dumpers... they can't compete with that simple frequency of exam changes.

    Just a thought.

    I've been whispering in Cisco's ear for a while now and I think its paying off.

    I don't like spending nearly $20,000.00 on certification exams to see them devalued.

    I'm getting ready to plunk down another $20-30k and only after I'm confident Cisco has protected my investment.

    I like to think I'm an investor.

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