• Hi all ,

    I need your advice about WRE54G Wireless Expander .. which is better to use it as repeater with linksys WAP54G or to buy another access point and configure it as repeater .. i need to know it's advangtes

  • This is just a repeater, and any repeater is going to cut down on your throughput by 50%. It might be the only thing that will reach a faraway point at your site, but you won't want to be using many of them.

    I looked at the specs for the device, and the two devices you mention do show as compatible, but be very careful which version you buy. It looks like there are several - be sure to get the latest.

    This device also does not support diversity, even though the AP does.

  • So...... Can any one guide me for an Access Point(b/g) with High outpower regardless to the price.
    I used HP , Linksys WAP54G and netgear .. but they all didn't cover the required areas ... did any one has another experminted AP

  • You are limited to the output power by the regulatory authority of that country. This isalso known a EIRP and may include limits of input power from the radio and antenna gain. Also using too much power even within the guidelines of the regulatory authority may not be the right solution for your client devices.

    It would be more useful to fully understand the application rather than just saying try this access point.

    What is it that you are trying to achieve?

    What cliebt are you using?

    Have you done a site survey or any testing?

    If you have tested what issues are you having?

  • I think he's talking about his resort deployment that he posted about before Pete.

    Wshendi - Those are all consumer access point and simply will not have the engineering you are looking for the deployment you are trying to do. You can possibly get it to work, but it won't be as reliable of configurable to achieve the result you want. I would suggest looking at one of the major enterprise manufacturers, i.e. Cisco, Motorola, Aruba, etc. they will scale and manage the WLAN much better than the manufacturers you mentioned and even though they may cost a bit more up front, will save you many headaches down the road.

    That's my opinion anyway, feel free to dispute me :-)

  • Apologies, tend to see threads follow on, my bad.

    A mesh solution wold typically be what I look at or simply managing the client expectation. Its a cost benefit exercise, I guess in a hotel/resort they want to offer a service but have to consider the costs.

    If we cant engineer an acceptable solution withing their budget their may be an acceotable middle ground with a solution that can scale at a later date.

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