• Several months ago I did a packet capture while troubleshooting a wireless problem and noticed that enabling either CTS to self or RTS/CTS on the Access Point seemed to actually increase the retransmissions on the network. This was a SOHO network with a hand full of wireless devices running off a single ap with semi directional AP. As you would imagine this was primarily used for internet type activity with 2 of the devices being wireless printers. There may not be enough info here but what would cause protection to actually increase retransmission?

    Mike W.

  • It could be due to the fact that a station away from the access point doesn't hear the CTS -to-Self and can't reserve the medium. Then in turn causing a collision and retransmission?

  • I understand this network likely has some hidden node issues depending on who fires up what wireless device and where. However if a station cannot hear the CTS-to-Self from the access point how is it even associated?

  • Retransmissions are due to interference in one form or another. If retransmission are increasing with protection mechanism, and given the SOHO environment, I would bet that not everyone is obeying the rules. I see medical devices that do not follow the rules so it wouldn't surprise me if a SOHO device/AP is doing the same. Try removing one device/device type at a time and see if one device or device type is a culprit.

  • Jon,

    Thanks that would make sense to me even though the training kool-aid is protection fixes this issue. Devices not following the standard or heck non 802.11 interference could be playing a role. The environment was not particularly noisy from what I recall using wi-spy. I will investigate further when I get a chance.

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