• The forums are great for asking questions and the whitepapers are good for finding out more about a specific technology.

    However, would it be worthwhile for the CWNP site to "host" an area for community content exchange?

    As someone fairly new to wireless a list of reports and checklists that are used on a day to day basis would be helpful.

    I was wondering if there are "standardised" templates for things like Site Survey reports, Security Checklists i.e. for implementing 802.1x, installation records etc. I am sure there are loads more.

    Does anyone else have any ideas?



  • James someone mentioned this in a post a few days/weeks ago, I believe it is i the pipeline and I agree it would be a great resource, I know I have mailed stuff across and chat offline occasionally but if its on the site everyone can access the information. Equally it can be critiqued and collectively improved.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Like a wiki? Or more of a white paper PDF repository?

  • If we are greedy we would asj for both and hope we get one.

    Is that greed or the art of negotiation?

    I guess it comes down to whats easier to implement and what features one has over the other?

  • a Wiki would be good. from what I have seen we already have some white papers in the resources section. I was thinking more along the lines of the download section of Techrepublic but with the content being uploaded by us. i.e. If I use a standard template for a site survey report I could upload that into the "community resources area" other members download it and use it possibly add improvements or customisations that they need. An example of this working is on the Solarwinds Thwack forums or as mentioned the techrepublic Downloads section. I could be wrong but I don't see the point of re-inventng the wheel if someone already has best practice at doing something share it and make us all better and maybe the processes can be refined as more people use them.


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