• Just taking a look over the exam objectives after my 2nd read through the CWNA study guide. In particular, I'm wondering if we're expected to know all the possible data rates involved with 802.11n HT. Given all the variables involved with .11n, it's referred to as modulation and coding schemes instead of simply data rates. There are 77 schemes according to the book - much more to recall than the (HR)-DSSS and OFDM.

    All I see in the exam objectives is:

    [b][i]Supported data rates for each IEEE 802.11-2007 PHY[/b][/i]

    Not sure if this covers the MCS or not. I'm guessing it may be fair game, just wondered if anyone else out there can clarify this or not, without revealing any actual exam experiences you may have had. To be safe, I'm just going to do what I can to try putting it all to memory......if it will fit!

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