• Hi am ashley from Mauritius is there any one in the forum from Mauritius ?? coz i need some help

    and advice concerning the CWNA/CWNP

    plz reply

    or sent email : ,


  • Anyone...

  • From the lack of responses to your post, it looks like you may be one of the first there. Don't give up, you can still ask questions here on the Forum.

    You are (very) close to Africa, and I have heard many tales of woe with getting books and training there. Hopefully getting books is not one of them.

    The Vue test website shows at least 5 test centers in your country, including two in Quatre Bornes. They may be associated with training centers - it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    The country looks so beautiful, and I've heard the fishing is great there too.

    Good luck.

  • Hi,

    Thnks wlanman...u dnt know how i feel wen getting this first reply even if ur not from Mauritius..

    Am actually doing my CCNP and was working as Network Admin at the Airport of Mtius and wanted to specialist in wireless technologies so i opted for CWNA..

    Ive stop working as from 31 July coz didn't have much time to study so i had to make a choice to work or to do the CWNA..i intend to finished it at the end of October if possible coz am spending abt 50 hours per week..hope its enough :)

    These test centers dont have the CWNA course they dont even know abt it...they do cisco n microsoft mainly..

    Am still asking myself if its worth doing CWNA and if its valuable here in Mtius..anyway i'll do it..

    Am getting some help from a network & tel Engineer ...who was my senior..

    i did contact cwnp and ask em if zer r Mauritian who r CWNP qualified n i was told that its against their policy etc...

    just wanted cwnp to ask em if they cud be of some kind of help dats all....

    i fink cwna is a challenge but i dnt know y its not famous like cisco n microsoft ..they shud promote it...

    if u want to visit paradise before u close ur eyes come to Mauritius.....

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