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  • Hello all,

    I passed the CWNA exam today with a 76%.

    Some of the scenario questions got me especially on site survey type questions.
    I was also surprised by an antenna connector question, knew I should of studied that a little more.

    Prep included:
    Official CWNA study guide
    Train Signal DVD
    Numerous whitepapers available on this site and those mentioned in the forums.
    GTHill's study guide WLAN reference
    And last but not least the great people on these forums.


  • You mean GT's CWNA Study Digest? Hmm...that's really a great stuff...

  • Yes GT's CWNA Study Digest.

    Sorry I was typing on my blackberry and trying to keep it brief where I could.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Well done, Mike! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your prep.

  • Congrats. I passed mine last month, and I'm impressed that you could even name the areas you had trouble with. I came out of that test and honestly couldn't tell you the areas I had trouble with until looking at the score sheet.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! I have only just passed this myself, so know what you've been going through. I used most of the same prep materials, except for Train Signal and
    Best of luck with your wireless endeavours :-)

  • I passed the CWNA exam on Friday. I'm extremely happy; it was the day my employer announced merit based raises coming.

    I used the following over the course of a couple years. I started dabbling with the idea of sitting the exam when it was PW0-100. I had that book for a while (Fourth Edition) and never felt prepared to take it. I've continued on reading and taking notes here and there and using the current Sybex study guide as a go-to guide while at work. New deployments at work got my learning spark going (as I needed the info) as well as the "2nd free try" deal. I sat the exam and am happy to join this professional group officially. Thanks to all the great info on the forums and the thorough content you guys supply us with.

    Official Study Guide (the book, dictionary, practice tests)
    802.11n Training Videos
    Train Signal DVD
    White Papers
    On the job experience

    I read the book openly first. Then I went through and took notes on my weak areas found through the practice tests. I used the book as reference for many months before this so I was familiar with the material. I watched the DVD's and read the appropriate areas in the book when I was not confident about the video concepts. Actual experience really helped me to understand the majority of concepts. I felt the exam was "real life" based; an approach I agree with.


  • Just got the certification kit in the mail today. I must say the certificate looks very sharp, especially with the new logo designs.

  • By (Deleted User)

    Thanks, and congratulations, Mike! We feel the love on the certificate. Wait till you see the official t-shirt. DOH! That was supposed to be a secret.

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