• yes i failed with a score of 61% but here's my question if our teachers class had us lectured over cwna guide to wireless lans second edition by mark ciampa could i really pass the pw0-104? because although that book had lots of great information the cert test was much more intense and detailed then that book could have ever gotten into the only reason i got a 61% was because i did some self studying in the CWNP study guide it was so much more in depth yet it was given to us as an extra instead of where the actual lectures where coming from we may have touched in to it 4 times? idk im just wondering if these would be normal results and if i should talk to my schools administration im defiantly going to retake the test with the 2nd try voucher tho via your book

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    Hi Dave -

    Ciampa knows his stuff, but we've never even seen his book, much less approved it as adequate to cover all the objectives or go deep enough. After attending that class, you should have a much better effort if you hit the Sybex CWNA Study Guide hard.

    Don't forget to request your free 2nd shot before 9/30/2010.


  • Which book your using is probably less important than studying to the OBJECTIVES.

  • Mark Ciampa has written an excellent introduction to Wi-Fi. It is a highly readable book, but does not cover all the objectives for the exam ( in the detail required ). I would strongly recommend it however, as additional reading for anyone taking the CWNA exam or just as a reference. Contains some nice diagrams.

    I am very fond of the Thomson Course Technology series of books ( of which it is a part ).


  • Thank you for the heads up Dave, I am nervous to be honest planning to test on the CWNA topics/objectives. But I am feeling better about it having the CWNA Book that is designed to meet the requirements (knowledge level needed) for this level of understanding. Thanks for the info!



  • Here's what I suggest you do:

    Go through the book chapter by chapter. At the end of each chapter, go to the objectives list and find any of the areas covered, then put a "tick" by them. For example, say that you read about MIMO in the last chapter of the book, go to the objectives and tick that off. Continue doing that.

    I'd recommend doing that rather than the other way around (i.e. systematically going through the objectives and then finding the appropriate sections in the books).

    The objectives can appear a bit intimidating at first, but if you go through the whole book, whatever areas of the objectives are left "un-ticked"......well, just put up a post and we'll refer you to the correct areas of the book or white papers etc.


  • I like that idea !

    But if I were starting from the beginning, I would still start with the objectives.

  • Besides the fact Ciampa's book does not cover all objectives, nor it talks the same language. Namely, even it Ciampa's book would cover everything, the lingo use to describe the technical aspects of WLANs are not the same. As a result, people would have trouble understanding the CWNA test, thus wasting valuable time on each question.

    Study and understand the Sybex CWNA Study Guide to pass the test.

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