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    Anyone else having trouble doing the Airmagnet protocol analyzer exercises? After download, it takes me to the Fluke site, where I need to purchase their proprietary WLAN analyzer. I emailed Westcott, who replied that you should not have to do that. Anyone else having these problems? I really need to see those frames to reinforce my learning.

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    Try going hear and downloading the AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer demo:

    The demo software comes with a demo capture file. As long as AirMagnet has not changed the demo capture file, you should still be able to run the labs.

    In the next edition of the CWNA Study Guide, we will probably put PCAP captures on the CD that can be looked at in Wireshark, AirMagnet or whomever.


    David Coleman

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    Thanks Mr. Coleman,
    But this link just does the same runaround as the CD. And also, the CWSP text plugs for the exercises (which we really need)...AND they don't even reply with a private URL, as the instructions in the book claim. At least AirMagnet does gives us something...

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    Update...The Wildpacket demos with Omnipeek in the CWSP does work...pretty cool...You need to contact customer service and let them know that your are using this guide. They have a contract w/ SYBEX and they will send the URL. Then it works. Really nice... Now back to Airmagnet???

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