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    When running 802.11n APs in a mixed mode environment (i.e. legacy & 802.11n clients), is it still possible for legacy 802.11a clients to connect if you are using channel bonding on the 5Ghz range?

    I can't seem to find any information about how legacy clients (using a statndard 20Mhz channel) would cope if the wireless network has been configured to use 40Mhz channel using bonding.



  • You can run 802.11n with legacy clients. Similar to they way you would run B/G clients. The channel bonding should not be an issue. If you are bonding up so: 36+, 44+, 52+..etc then the 802.11a client will use 36, 44, and 52. The secondary "bonded" channel will not be used by the 802.11a clients.

  • P 410-411 CWSP, I take it if config an N AP to HT Greenfield, the presence of legacy STAs will NOT activate protection?

  • 802.11n = 802.11g(2.4Ghz with 20Mhz CH-BW) + 802.11a(5Ghz with 20Mhz or 40Mhz CH-BW)....
    HT Greenfield = 802.11n ( 5Ghz with 40Mhz CH-BW only)

    how to max out the utilization for 802.11n spectrum ...?
    how the n client decide which mode they should work with AP , as nAP support 3 modes.( 2.4Ghz - 20Mhz or 5Ghz - 20 or 40 Mhz) mode...........?

    what if there is 3 nclients , 3gclients and does medium can be shared .....

    pls help...i am confuse .


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