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  • Just passed today on the second take. The second test seemed to be harder than the 1st. I thought I could take it without much studying the 1st time but of course I was wrong. Detailed exam!.

    I found most of the material is covered in the book (all I used). I didn't do well on the surveying questions 57% but got 100% on the Network Security section. Make sure you know your POE, Antennas and Mac Architecture.

    Passed with 75%

    Thanks CWNP. now on to the CWSP or the CCNA (will take a short break and determine which)

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    Well done, Clint! Thanks for sharing your prep and feedback on the exam. Congratulations!

  • I just passed myself, and received the mint CWNP certificate. My advice is that the assesment quizzes in the text and the bonus exams on the CD are much too easy...don't get over confident. If you can access the practice exams from CWNP, very good; they are more realistic, but after seeing the same questions over and over again, you can get complacent. Now waiting for the CWAP and CWDP...

  • i failed the first shot on cwna i will try second, do anybody have some tips for me.


  • >> i failed the first shot on cwna i will try second, do anybody have some tips for me.

    ? Have you reviewed the exam objectives word by word?

    ? Have you gone through the study guide cover to cover?

    ? Have you read the recommended white paper carefully?

    ? Have you finished the practice tests at least twice?

    Hope the four points above may help. Good luck.

  • hi i will doing exam prepared in cwna plzzz mail me dump on cwna exam my email id is anybody help me pass this exam?

  • chintamani,

    "Dump" is the wrong word to use if you want any repsect on this forum. The usual association with that word is "brain dump" - a real no-no.

    Hoping that is not want you meant - good luck.

  • Finally took this last week myself after a couple of months of studying. Used the old pw0-100 study guide (I know, I know, but I already had it), practice tests, Jim Giers Designing and Deploying 802.11n networks Cisco press book, Cisco design guides (Voice, wireless lan, and 1142 design guide), a good Aruba whitepaper on 11n, as well as the CWNP whitepapers. Been working in wireless LAN networks for awhile so a lot of studying was how the questions are worded. Very tricky wording on a lot of them that throws you off.

    86% was my score. Would love to know which ones I got wrong!

    On to CWDP hopefully in the fall (got a lot coming up personally now and wont have much study time until fall). Going to order the study guide though next month.

  • Congrats to all who passed. Great scores all.

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    Scotty1213, congratulations! 86% is a very good score, and thank you for sharing your prep materials.

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