• Does anyone have any recommendations on 11n USB adaptors?

    I've used the linksys WUSB600N v2 and the Netgear WDNA3100.

    I'm having issues with the linksys adaptor and some very flaky connections so I'd like to get a bunch of other adaptors and do some testing.

  • A couple years ago, I made a list of USB b/g adapters. It had quite a few devices from many manufacturers and took an awful long time to compile. Total cost to buy one of each would have been about $900.

    I suggest you look online for catalogs, like CDW and others, and start a list from there. Then look for magazine reviews, user complaints, etc. Watch for complaints of overheating, poor customer service, poor range and sensitivity, and WiFi Certification.

    If you're really concerned about certification, which I was for my list, be sure you check the WFA database for the device AND the features that are certified - even today people are pushing snake oil and will lie about their certs.

    Options, like stands, and supported encryptions can be very important. Watch for complaints about nearby USB ports being covered up too - that still happens.

    Since were targeting "n" devices, also check that they have a current cert, not just a "draft 2" one. By now you should totally ignore anyone with a "pre-n" cert - there never was such a thing anyway.

    If you read the recent forum post regarding "Intel Centrino Ultimate-n 6300 Throughput Issues", you'll know that even mighty Intel changes a units "guts" without making it obvious from the outside. Also, newer sometimes means better - but NOT always.

    Personally, I have liked Zyxel devices, although my AG-225H was a little low on sensitivity.

    Good luck.

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