• Hi All,

    Need help on this please.

    The scenario is that I did a deployment few years back for 1 cafe that has 30 sites all over the city. The deployment is uniform for all of the 30 sites. The wireless network consists of 1 router and 2 APs on site.

    For 24 months, the 30 sites did not experience any problems until the shop owner decided not to use static IPs(public IPs) for their APs and router. They decided to downgrade their subscription to dynamic account because it's cheaper.

    The issue now is that the APs hang occassionaly (3-5 times/week) even they are all new. This happens to all the sites. Take note that all the equipments are new. after AP reboot, everything will go back to normal.

    To isolate the issue, I have configured 15 sites using static IPs and the other 15 sites using dynamic. Just as I have expected, the sites that are using static are stable than those of dynamic.

    What could have caused the APs that are using dynamic to hang occassionaly? The routers are not experiencing problems whether they are using static or dynamic ip.

    I've implemented a vpn for the APs but still the same problem persists. Also tried using other AP brands and models but still the same problem.

    Any ideas?

  • Could it be mismatched (in terms of duration) IP lease times?

    I have seen this issue with SOHO AP's attached to DSL routers.

  • router = cisco
    AP = cisco and/or hp.

    ip lease time = 1 week

    as i've said, i've tried to hardcode the ip attached to its mac address in the vpn solution but it still fail.

    this is another issue of the sales people not taking the cwts course and not listening to technical guys who did the deployment. sales people sell anything promising the moon and the stars to customers and pass the problems to engineers. :-(

  • Do both APs hang same time?
    What is infrastructure, are sites in domain? Do you use the outside internet IPs of the routers for anything?
    Did you check IPs when it hangs - if IP change cause it?
    If you are using your router's IPs - Is the DDNS client on your router approved/certified by your DDNS service provider?

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