• We've purchased some new Ruckus gear to try out - about 25 7962's and a controller. Is their Zoneplanner software worth the $495 pricetag?

  • Hi Rob,

    Ruckus ZonePlanner is based on Airmagnet site survey tool. While it is lightened a bit and the only antennae patterns one can use are Ruckus gear antennae patterns. Saying that it is quite usable but within its limits. It is still predictive site survey tool.

    If you have installations for high speed data (hospitality, schools,...) you can use the tool with high degree of accuracy. My verification site surveys usually confirm the initial design made in the ZonePlanner. If the network is used for RFID, Voice, HD video, etc, then I use it for a ball park AP count figure, do the initial design in the planner, verify it with manual survey on the location (not whole just the most challenging building parts), adjust the design in the survey, deploy and do the final verification survey.

    Saying that it can also be used as a great sales tool, for proof of concept, etc. So yes, it is worth the price but it is not a godsent (no predictive site survey is - my 5 cents).


  • Does the zoneplanner address situations such as warehousing, where the AP's would typically be located above the racking, thus not within the direct obsticals? Or is this a manual survey only situation?


  • The ZonePlanner product is very good as planning tools go and is a great price if you are only using Ruckus gear (recommended :) )

    Keep in mind that all predictive modeling programs pure garbage in, garbage out. With accurate inputs, they can be very accurate, but without, it's hard to trust the results. Personally I still like performing site surveys live but even without perfect inputs there is a good use for ZonePlanner. What many of our customers use it for is to get a very accurate measurement of how many APs it will take to cover a building to create a list of materials for bidding or to place an order (also recommended :) ).


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