• Hello CWNP community,

    I'm planning to take the CWTS exam next week, just to see how CWNP exams feel, and then another week after if everything goes well the CWNA. Today I took a sample exam from the Sybex CD and I am a bit confused: do I need to have knowledge of all the FCC regulations in current use? That seems a bit wrong to me, since I don't live in the US, so they're not really helpful. I think that, according to the exam objectives, I'm only supposed to know what role do regulatory domain governing bodies, but I want to be sure.

    Thanks for your help,
    Radu Ghitescu

  • There are not that many FCC regs to memorize, just the max EIRP compared to IEEE. AND that the FCC is the US regulation organization for WiFi.

  • Not really, but it does help to know the kinds of things a "Regulatory Body", (in the US case) the FCC, looks for or cares about.

    That will help on questions where the possible answers are, for example 1. Regulatory body, 2. IEEE, or 3 Wi-Fi Alliance.

    BTW, take a look at the WFA website so you understand their certifications too.

  • Thanks for your answer.
    I know who they are/what they do, I just wanted to know if I need to memorize the restrictions they impose.

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