• hi,

    did anybody had any kind of scenario with Cisco Indoor Mesh system. What is the best suitable AP and for this setup, is there any issues with indoor mesh, is there any APs with support 802.11n can use for Indoor Mesh?


  • Are you stuck on using Cisco?

    No matter what vendor, you'll want to use a dual-band AP for mesh. As far as what AP is better would probably be less dependent on how well they mesh. Focus on what features you want the AP to have (spec analysis etc).


  • Hi Anvar,

    The basic requirement for a wireless mesh is to have a dual radio. One for client connection and one dedicated for mesh. Most of the time, I only implement mesh network in an outdoor deployment. Another scenario is maybe you are tasked to have indoor coverage for certain shops (e.g. theme parks, resorts) where in your backhaul is far from your desired indoor coverage. If this is the case, use any dual radio ap... deploy the ap indoors but extend the "a" radio outside with an antenna. Be wary of few parameters such as SOM, Fresnel Zone, cable lenght as it will introduce loss.

    Im just wondering why do you need to implement a wireless mesh for indoor deployment? are your ap proposed location can't reach a common poe switch?

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