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Last Post: February 16, 2012:
  • I passed the CWNA exams today, the white papers on the CD really helped , they focus on the objectives.
    The Netrepid survey report is good in grasping the survey exam objectives.
    The CWNA exam is actually hard, when l finished l went to eat because l was hungry.
    Actually l drew a lot on the practice exam questions on the cwnp site and i used to drill myself while
    imagining my exam scenario and l was able to achieve a good sense of timing.
    Also the CWNP questions of the day helped a lot, answering the questions everyday should be an habit if you intend to grasp the objectives of the test and be a real professional.What's more since the questions get changed you really have to understand and know to get them right,going through the corrections should take at most 2 mins every day, not much of 24 hours.
    Hoping to receive my certificate.
    If you are preparing for the CWNA exams, after reading and going over the objectives and then you get to the stage where you start yearning for questions,l recommend that you go over the white papers especially those ones that are 'recommended reading' and don't panick during the exams just make sure that the concepts are really clear.
    Thanks to Marcus Burton and other professionals for the videos on the cwnptv channel on you tube, those videos really make for a good revision and help to cement in this concepts particularly ,protection mechanism,802.11n and the hidden problem.
    I was so happy when l saw passed on the screen.i felt elated.
    Your efforts are really appreciated.
    Please are there any procedures for me to go through in order to register and receive my certificate.

  • Congratulations ! Good description.

    Hope you got your certificate ok by now.

  • Congratulations! The Netrepid survey report is available on this site? Your advise is so helpful.

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