Failed CWNA!

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  • is there a free retake for CWNA Exam PW0-104?? :(

  • Sorry to hear about you not passing....that should be motivation to keep working and you'll appreciate it more when you get it. Keep trying and don't forget to have fun

  • By (Deleted User)

    There was. ;-) Don't give up! Focus on the areas in which you were the weakest on your score sheet, post questions here to confirm your answers, re-read the Sybex Study Guide, take the practice tests very, very slowly, and choose to see - and study - the explanation after every question.

    Don't give up!

  • many thanks. :(

  • Thank you for the encouragement: I Think my weakness was the RF technologies section scored 35% On both test I did not score well in this section.

  • Well... go though the book and practice questions on those sections and let us know anything you are having problems with or anything you do not understand. We have all been there and are willing to help ya! :-)

  • I was just humbled by this exam this morning, too- I did extremely well on the CWNP practice exams and the Sybex material, but I still failed by ~5 questions. Time to dig in and focus! Does anyone have opinions on the All-In-One book?

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