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  • Hi everyone

    Everyone have experience with radiant cable installations. I wonder how they work, applications, and installation problems, and working on 802.11n?

  • I have heard of intentionally lossy cables working well in mine shafts and tunnels etc.

    Given that one of the benefits of 802.11n is supposed to be in high multipath installations, I would not expect this type of "antenna" to work especially well - maybe as well as normal b/g networks under the same circumstances.

    The new CWDP book kind of pans DAS systems: "Sensitive WLAN deployments will often find that DAS does not adequately address the RF challenges of modern WLANS" see pg 226 for more info.

    Talk to your WLAN hardware suppliers FIRST.

    Radiax Cable is a brand that I looked into at one time - but turned out not needing.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide on.

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