• How close is too close when it comes to locating access point near users ?

    Say you worked in a place where you also had lodging, and your emlpoyer put an access point in your room, about 2m from your bed.....

    Thoughts please :>)


  • rubbing the antenna gainst your eye is probably bad. 2 meters is farther than my router is from my desk, and I'm completely norbal.

  • It depends on the power levels and the type/direction of the antenna.

    If it's a Low powered SOHO router with dipoles, you're most likey fine. If it's high powered ,and directed at you , you should probably do more investigation.

  • I have a figure of 3m minimum distance for performance and health issues, which is a figure I have used in training courses but I am at a loss to actually find a guideline on it.

    So, if memory serves me correct, there is a definite recommendation re the 3m limit, but I can't find any reference to it.

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