• Passed mine yesterday with an 80%- and man did that feel good after all the studying. I got my CWTS in February and since then I have been reading the book, doing the flash cards, reading white papers and following this forum. I picked a date about a month ago to take the test and in about the last 2 weeks I really buckled down...well buckled down as much as a dude who's wife is in her nursing clinicals and with 3 young kids at home can. The online practice tests in particular were a nice thing I could have up on a laptop and quickly do a few in between the children duties.

    My advice for anybody working on this cert would be to definitely read the provided white papers, really pay attention to what the exam objectives state, do every chapter review, practice tests both on the Sybex CD and the 4 online tests, visit the CWNP forums daily to see any topics being discussed, go through the flash cards, watch the CWNP channel videos on youtube, and visit any of the other Wi-Fi news blogs.

    This forum is a fantastic resource and things like Sean Rynerson's link to an easy way to memorize the MCS rates for 802.11n. It was really nice to know that even if I did fail the exam I could come here and get advice and support as well.

    Next up for me is moving back to the wired side to get my CCNA and then I will go for the CWSP after that.

  • everyone says "read the white papers" and nobody says which white papers are THE white papers.

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    THE white papers:

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    Hope this helps!

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