• Usually the answer list will have one or two obvious errors. However, more than one may look partially correct and that is when you really have to re-read the questions and the answers carefully. Then read them again.

    [i]I haven't seen CWNP doing this, but the CISSP exam (240 questions and 6 hours in length) may have several ,say 3 out of 5, answers that are correct, but one of them is more correct. Better mark that one!
    That is probably why 80% of the people who take the CISSP don't pass it (you need 80% overall and a minimum % in each of the 10 domains correct). I just checked and saw they have a computer based test available now, and their price is about $150 more than when I took mine. Personally, I'd stick with the Paper based exam.[/i]

    Defintely use the CWNP practice tests. Even though you won't find the exact same question on the certification test, they use pretty much the same style and tenor. You need to "appreciate" this factor too.

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    Harricharan - you have started the path to CWNE by earning your CWNA. Next, you get your choice: CWSP, CWAP, any order. Once you have all 3 under your belt, you can apply for CWNE based on those certs and your experience. Go for it!

  • Kevin, Thanks for the encouragement. I plan to do the CWDP next. I will get my first real test of my expertise in a big schools WiFi rollout for about 133 schools. I am currently evaluating tenders to select a vendor for that project so I aim to re-start studying early next year.

    I will buy the study pack as a Christmas gift for myself..I am too old for toys now :>))

  • Harricharan,

    Go for it !

    My last birthday I bought a WiSpy 2.4x for myself - one of my best presents ever.

  • Hi,

    Finally, I passed with 78% on my second attempt (1 week after my fail), this test was harder than the first one but I carefully read all questions and yes some are really really tricky, one of the hardest paper based certification I have done! Harder than Cisco certs (I am CCNP). Also the Official Practice Tests on this site helped me a lot.


  • Congratulations, Jeremy! Welcome to the club.

  • Congratulations !!!

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    Well done sir! Lesson: never give up!

  • Congrats Jeremy....I am very happy for wishes on all you future endeavours

  • Congratulation Jeremy!

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