• Hi,

    Can you please confirm that:

    1) while the FCC (US) limits both the IR and EIRP, the ETSI (Europe) limits only the EIRP?

    2) the UNII-3 (Upper Band) can not be used in EUROPE?



  • Well, in Spain (where I live in) the CNAF only specifies EIRP (p.i.r.e. in Spanish):
    We can use the following bands (as in UN-128 regulation):
    5150 - 5250 MHz @ 200mW EIRP
    5250 - 5350 MHz @ 200mW EIRP with TPC or 100mW without TPC
    5470 - 5725 MHz @ 1 W EIRP with TPC or 500 mW without.

    This leaves U-NII-3 band out.

    I suppose we are following European regulations.

  • Ok, thanks! That's exactly what I thought.

    Btw, thanks to Ruckus support, I discovered that in some european countries the UNII-3 band can be used under special conditions. In Germany for example you have to apply to use the upper bands and you might use them for a limited amount of time and only if you are an enterprise.

    Don't know if it's the same for Spain or Italy.


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