• Dear all, I am trying to locate a section in either a WiFi study guide, text book (most likely) or white paper (less likely) where the author makes a point about antennas. The text is explicitly referring to WiFi and is almost exactly along the lines of :

    "When it comes to antennas, if I can see you, you can see me.."

    If you can help me identify where that text appears I would be very grateful.


    (Please don't use this as a post to debate the truth of the statement, I just need to locate where I saw it).

  • NM

    Joe Bardwell has some useful info on the subject:

    P35 etc.


  • Got that, great read, and some great additional documents too.

    I am just trying to locate the particular text above :>) - it's specific text from somewhere, and relevant to a discussion on antenna use. I want to locate the text in order to see the larger excerpt and what it specifically said about antennas.

    Kind of an ear worm, it's driving me mad, like a lost car key, I know it's here somewhere....


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