• Just had my retake attempt and scored 68% which is an improvement over the first attempt. Was not disappointed with the results and will continue to work on until I make the grade. Consider it was a tough exam for me coming from a background with no working knowledge on wireless. I will be very delight to pass in the next round. Thanks for upholding the standard for this certification.

  • Yes all the CWNP are difficult without, and I hope it stays that way. I was a little too confident after I passed my CWNA with a 70, and signed up to take the three other tests CWSP 46% CWDP 28%(free retake yesterday) and CWAP(taking Friday).

    I've been studying for the CWAP for aoubt a month now, but like you I'll be happy to improve my score by 20 points. I actually enjoy reading the material, but I need to start gaining real world experience.

  • I am glad to see that there are people that have money to burn in this economy.

    Do you guys always use this approach - i.e. just keep taking a test until you pass it by force of repetition?.

  • Pretty much!

  • That seems redundant.

  • There is something new to learnt from the questions which points out my lack of understanding in the specific areas. It is rewarding to make up the gap in the deficiency and better appreciate it, considering the facts at times can be a slow learner.

  • Keep at it, Kevin. So close.

  • Its good to fail in the 1st attempt and pass in the 2nd.
    But I would say we must pass in the 2nd attempt at the max.
    keep trying until u reach there...

  • @Kevin - well said, I wan't prepared the first time around, but the second time I should have been, time just got away from me. With that attitude you'll pass your next exam for sure.

    @parthibansmail - my intention was to study hard for the exams, but in my ignorance I thought I would have time with to do the free re-take that was offered in the summer.

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