• Hi All,

    Are there any products which fulfil the same function as Aruba's Airwave? I admin a deployment of Aruba Access Points, and am on the verge of ordering the Airwave product, but have been asked to see if there are any competing products I should be considering. I am not aware of any... is anyone else?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I am sure there is something. I am not familiar with them but I am with Airwave. Check out these two posts.

  • Thanks for the speedy response...

    As a quick aside, I see my e-mail address by my post instead of my username... Are you seeing that too?

  • I sure do. Click your name on the left, then click edit, then change your ?Display name as? field.

  • Brilliant, thanks!

    I'm very much sold on the product myself, so just looking to do Due Diligence before spending a bunch of UK.PLC's money :)

  • Well that is a good idea. Maybe some other people can chime in on other products, but it is hard to win against Airwave?s reporting capabilities.

  • I like the reporting capabilities of Motorola's IPS a.k.a AirDefense. but it's really expensive and compatible to most of the APs but not aruba.

  • By (Deleted User)

    For enterprise-class management of Aruba APs, AirWave is the best choice by a mile. No competition really, and I'm vendor-neutral. :)

  • Airwave is awesome for reporting, but it isn't the best RF planning, design and deployment tool out there in my opinion. But yeah, when running Aruba APs, I guess it is better to stick with their own products :)


  • I agree. I hope no one ever uses Airwave to perform predictive surveys. I'd be OK With someone tossing a few APs on the map inside airwaive for a rough look. But please go through and perform an actually
    Active survey. If you must do a predictive only, use something like Air magnet for that.

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