• I recently updated 2 Ruckus ZoneDirector 3000 controllers to their latest firmware

    We have two WLANs - an open web-auth guest WLAN, and a secured WLAN for staff/students only that uses 802.1x-EAP (machine auth with cert.).

    Prior to the update all clients would show an auth-method of ether "Web" or "EAP". I now have clients on the 802.1x WLAN showing an auth-mode of "CPMK".

    This isn't an acronym I'm familiar with, and my google-fu appears lacking when searching for this term. The support forums over at Ruckus sound of crickets.

    Any ideas?

  • Have you tried talking to Ruckus directly, i.e. anything other than thru a forum ?

  • If I had the ability to talk to an engineer, not a Tier 1 support rep I might try, but help desk call centers make me want to slash my wrists.

    It's not a major concern, more of a curiosity, the users don't appear to be affected directly.

  • Rob

    I'm chatting with Ruckus just now. They want to know if you are seeing the CPMK on the ZD ( Zone Director ) ?


  • Rob

    Let me PM you and I'll send you the e-mail of the chap I'm chatting to.

    Let us know the outcome.



  • Just sent it to you. Let me know if you receive it OK. Sometimes there are problems with the PM system.


  • Dave,

    Yes, seeing it on the 'Currently Active Clients' page on the ZD.

    I'll fire off an email to the contact you sent.


  • Hello.
    CPMK simply means cached PMK. This was a feature request that was added in Version 9.3.

    PS: I don't usually check these boards but I lurk here from time to time.

  • Thanks Steve

    Appreciate it.

    Please feel free to arise from your domain of lurking and join in at any time.

    Always impressed with the folks at Ruckus, re responses.


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