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  • Is there a new test coming out? I am schedule to take mine on April. Will this be the PWO-104 or 105

  • Yes, the CWNA exam will be updated later this spring. We will announce the availability of the new exam soon. There will be a 90-day period during which BOTH the current exam and the new exam will be available, so if you are prepping for -104, keep prepping for -104. You have several more months to do so, and we will be providing at least 90 days of notice prior to retiring that exam.

  • Is there an audio copy of the PWO-104 official study guide?

  • No. Kindle & iBook though.

  • Dear Kevin Sandlin!
    Can you please provide me a link from where latest PW0-104 can be studied !
    2ndly!! Tell me are all Pearson VUE are authorize to give this exam?

    many Thanks

  • Hi Aamir,

    I know I am not Kevin, but I think I can answer your questions.
    If you want to study for the exam, you should have a look at the exam ojectives/syllabus [url=]here[/url]. Then, you need to purchase a copy of the book either from here or Amazon, or perhaps the official CWNA video series by train signal.

    I also recommend the practice exams that are available here on The ones on the CD that comes with the official study guide are also good, though.

    Good luck with your studies!


  • Along the lines of test changes. Is PWO-105 material covered in the current test? I guess my question is, has the test changed since the training materials were published? I notice things in the practice tests that were not even mentioned in the PWO-104 version of the study guide, such as 802.3at and a larger emphasis on 802.11n than the study guide. Though I do see it in the test objectives.

    So, has the test changed since the PWO-104 testing was started? Do all or the posted white papers and study materials cover the test requirements? I am concerned about using google when some of the sources do not seem accurate.

  • The PW0-104 exam comes from the PW0-104 exam objectives. If it's in the objectives, it's fair game for the exam. PW0-104 has not changed since its publication. Start with the exam objectives. If you know all of them, you should do fine on the exam.

  • Dear!!! Psycho Fin

    Many Thanks for your prompt reply!! your given instructions are precious and I am following them. I intend to take exam by the start of next month!! :)

    Thank U once again

  • I'm taking the exam March 5th. I have been using the CWNA study guide and the questions on the CD along with the Practice Tests on the website for my preparation. I also bought the Kindle version and this just allows more convenience and access to the material. After reading the study guide completely and going over the areas that require addional work, I'm beginning to feel confident. Looking foward to getting past CWNA and heading straight into CWSP.

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