• I'm taking the CWNA on Friday the 16th - I have studied SOME but I'm still getting ~50% on the practice tests.

    Any suggestions to do some good "cramming"? I know I'm not the only guy that has done this!



  • I recommend you reschedule your exam. Until you reach 90+ on the practice exams, you should not attempt the certification exam.

    Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear.

  • Amen to that. I'd go for 95's or better.

    You are obviously not ready - sorry .

  • Reschedule, it's not worth losing 250, trust me.

  • Yup, rescheduling is much cheaper than blowing 175 bucks when you know you aren't ready.

  • So... with all that being said...

    How would one study to cram for this?

  • Cram ?

    Yes, you might be able to Cram to [i]pass[/i] the test, but you wouldn't really be "learning it". So why bother ?

    You might try concentrating on the 3 topics with the greatest number of questions on the test. I'll still be surprised if you pass though - unless you actually [u]already[/u] know more than you think you know.

    I guarantee you that you can't cram for any tests after the CWNA (e.g. CWSP) - especially if you didn't study/learn the CWNA material extremely well to begin with.

  • He's obviously determined here so let me's been said before many a time, go through the exam objectives from each chapter and cover them off. If you find an objective you don't know ALL or EVERYTHING about that objective, read the whole chapter again.

    Take regular breaks, drink plenty of water, walnuts or cashew nuts are good brain food but you wont have time to reap the benefits but they will taste great while studying!

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

  • The practice exams do tell you which chapter and section each question is related to. If you concentrate your study on the sections that correspond to the questions you miss then you'll make better use of your study time. Best of luck, but don't be afraid to push the appointment :-)

  • I agree with all of the above. If I am not mistaken it is not that hard to reschedule with the test center. A CWNP certification is an investment in your future, and the CWNA covers all the basics and beyond of what you need to know. The CWNA will build the foundation of your wireless future- at least it is a foundation for me, and just passing to pass is not the way I would go.
    The guidelines given in the study guide and in this forum are great- and going for 90-95% in practice tests is not unrealistic. If you are only pulling around 50 % it might be a good idea to give yourself more time to absorb the knowledge.
    With all that said- whatever you choose to do.... good luck on your test.

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