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  • What is the ADVANTAGE of the Practice test in store over the free practice test access

  • Are you talking about the practice questions in the Sybex books?

  • I mean the one offered by this site

  • I believe the question you are asking is, what is the advantage of the paid practice tests over the free practice test you get when you sign up for the newsletter.

    When you sign up for the newsletter you get a license key good for one pool (about sixty questions) from one of the exams.

    The purchased practice test licenses (at least the two I have) grant access to four pools of sixty questions per exam.

    The free practice test lets you see what an excellent resource the practice tests are. When you miss a question on the practice test you can be immediately presented with a clear and cogent explanation of each option. I find it an invaluable learning tool.

    Many of the questions are, IMO, subject to the personal prejudices of the test writer. By taking the practice tests you learn what the CWNP is going to consider a more correct answer.

    I hope I answered your question. And I hope I answered it accurately. If not, I'm sure someone will correct us.


  • Almost true, Dan. When you create a brand new account and subscribe to the newsletter, you get 1 full license to the practice test of your choice, so if you choose CWTS, you get 2 pools, and so on. That's the same 2 pools you get if you purchased the license.

  • Then there is only one pool for CWAP? I bought CWNA and CWSP; both have four pools. I used my credit (I had forgotten I had it) for CWAP. I assumed the one pool was because I had used a free credit.

    You guys need to start writing sample questions. One pool isn't enough ;-)


  • Correct, at this time there is only 1 pool of practice test questions for CWAP and CWDP. More coming soon.

  • Seriously? CWDP has been out how long now, and you only have one pool available still? I've already used my free key for the CWDP practice test, so I guess I better cancel the order I just placed for more practice tests.

  • Ezrin,

    I am pretty sure that the access you already have for the existing CWDP practice test, will also give you automatic access to all new online CWDP practice tests.

  • I missed that opportunity or can I still access my free test? If so how

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