• Does anyone know if Wireless bridges perform scanning differently than normal AP's ?

    I have one that doesn't seem to be working at all, until its mate is up and scanning.

  • I know with Aruba, a bridge point will turn on it?s backhaul radio(s) first then if it is able to find it?s parent, it will then turn on the client radio(s) if it has any and then open the wired port. For the parent, it must find the controller first then fire up all radios then once it has a child it will allow traffic over the backhaul radio(s)

  • This particular bridge is a Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge only. They are used for attaching things like printers that have no Wi-Fi or USB connectors. It can handle one-to-one, or many-to-one, PC connections.

    I am used to devices that automatically start probing once they are powered-up - not ones that wait until they see the correct SSID in a Beacon before they start "active" probing.

    The manufacturer is no help - it is an old device that they no longer support.

  • I have seen some bridge where client bridge will be in listening mode. The master will send Beacons with proprietary IE, then the Client Bridge will respond for that. Then Authentication & Association takes place.

  • I think that is essentially what is happening in my case - it's just less sophisticated.

    There are no proprietary IE's, just Beacons.

    Glad to hear it's not totally weird.

    Thanks all.

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