• Today, I passed CWNA with 81 percent score. The online practice tests helped me a lot..Also, Sybex Guide was excellent. I am planning to take CWSP next..Is it harder than CWNA ??? What are the recommended study methods???

  • Congratulations for a job well done.

    And yes the CWSP is more difficult.

    As always - "Study to the exam objectives", not necessarily the book contents. If you can get any time configuring a Radius Server it will be time well spent. Run the online practice exams until you can get 95's or better on all of them.

    I heartily recommend Jim Geier's book on implemeting 802.1x security. Sorry, for the lack of specificty, but you can get the exact title off of a couple other posts on this site.

  • Thank You For the advice..

  • Nicely done! I also recommend the online practice exams -- they are an awesome way to test your progress and knowledge.

    I found that the CWNA laid a great foundation for the CWSP. If you haven't already, play with a wireless sniffer using PSK and EAP authentication. Understand the entire EAP process, and get your hands on a RADIUS server. Try different EAP types and understand the evolution of the proprietary and standard 802.11 security mechanisms.

    I ended up getting a better score on CWSP than CWNA, probably because it was a more focused subject and I had more hands-on experience with it. Hope this helps, and good luck in your endeavor!

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