• Hey everyone,

    I made a couple of videos for some people to show them that seeing the RF is important for Wi-Fi networks. They're probably a bit simplistic for most people here, but you can check them out anyway just for laughs.

  • Nice work

  • Awesome! Love my spectrum analyzer. Best 100 dollars ever spent - yup, it was Metageek's.

  • I got it because it can be used with Linux, although that's the Windows version in action.
    Those videos were done with no planning, and as such, are a bit rough. It's a start though.

  • Please, keep it up. It's also great to educate non technical people.

  • I tried to do a bluetooth demo today, but it didn't go too well. I am in the mood to do more though :)

  • Great videos and explanations! Thank you for this.

  • Nicely done Spice_Boy

  • Just did another one showing different modulation

    The protocol display might be a bit hard to see unless you choose the HD version ;)

  • Could you please give a little more detail about the iperf settings you used to generate the consistent 54Mbps data stream?

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