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  • Just passed my CWNA exam with 86 %

    First professional exam I've done for 10 years, so very pleased with myself! 
    The key for me was completing the practice tests and then reviewing the questions I got wrong... That and taking enough time to spot the "802.11X" type answers!

  • Congrats Jon. Wish you all the best with next cert (CWSP possibly :)  )

    Good luck.
    I am going to take the exam soon. But now I am confused after I looked to the new standard 802.11-2012. Some clauses are different than 802.11-2007. But the exam still concentrates on the 802.11-2007 standard. Now if they mention in the exam (Clause 17 devices). In 2007 standard it means HR-DSSS. in 2012 standard it means OFDM.I am not able to concentrate on 2007 terminology where the newer terminology is out and different. :'-(

  • Our exam questions to not reference clause numbers. They refer only to PHY names like OFDM, HR-DSSS, HT, VHT and so on. This is done to avoid confusion over changing clause numbers.


    Frames Are Food,

  • Thank you Tom for the explanation.Now, If there is whatever conflict between 2007 and 2012 standard documents, what one the exam accepts? AFAIK the current version tests for 802.11-2007 (as per the requirements doc on CWNA page).

  • WAY TO GO JON!!!! I'm getting ready to work on the CWNA exam soon.  Need to get my CCNA active to get my CCNP Wireless active :) (kinda did it backwards I know).

  • good luck on your test AP-H. 
    Similarly I've not done a CCNA... I guess that might be an option instead of now focusing on CWSP/AP/DP. I don't use Cisco LAN kit though, so it really would be almost purely for the cert's sake. (Although it would de-rust my LAN knowledge a bit!) 

  •  Hello Jon, Congrats. Did you focus on the CWNA book at all, because the book seem outdated. Should i just focus on the practice tests an you mentioned?

  • Tnx Gil,

    I used the book to focus my research on practice tests questions which I'd failed. I'd not actually read the newest CWNA book cover to cover (having read most of the previous edition), but I'd recommend it, as questions come from basically any part. I was blind-sided by questions on PoE this way! 
    It's interesting that the technology seems to be moving at such a pace that writing a new edition of a book makes it outdated shortly after release. Which particular bits would you say were out of date? (Ref to -2007 standard?)

  • Congrats :)

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