• The website indicates that if you buy the CWNA Self-Paced traning kit, you can save 20%.  It is currently priced at $305.00, but if I add up the cost of the book ($21), the practice tests ($50), and the exam fee ($175) it totals $246.00.  I assume I'm missing something.  Does the training kit contain other products than the three I listed?

  • I contact them a couple weeks ago on the same issue.  They are aware of it and I believe the last update was they should have it corrected tomorrow.  There was a price change and the kit did not get updated.  I beleive the corrected it once but it reverted back.  

  • I contacted them again last week and they said they were still working on pricing.  This has been an issue for a long period now.  CWNP can we get an official answer on when the pricing will be corrected for the package?  I want to order it but also want to wait until the pricing is corrected.

  • Hi AP-H,
    The self-study kit pricing is now updated.  Sorry about the slow response, but we are having issues with our website.  The good news is that we are building a completely new website which is scheduled to launch in May.  Please hang in there for a few more weeks.

  • Brad,

    Thank you guys so much for getting this fixed.  Now I just need to get it ordered....I ended up using my funds for the CWNA for a CCNP set so will have to wait until payday :)Looking forward to jumping into my CWNA.  I truly believe the CWNP certification process is one of the best.  

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