• I just failed the test. Scored a 66%. Read the study guide, course guides and had instructor training.  Took practice tests online and scored 98-100% in all four pools several times. At a loss and depressed. Haven't failed a test since high school algebra 31 years ago...Suggestions?

  • I don't have any supernatural words of wisdom for you, but I can tell you what I do.
    The first thing to realize is that no single book, even from CWNP, has all the content you need to know.

    First, find other websites that deal with the topics you are weak on.  Read their whitepapers on anything you are even slightly foggy about.   Even marketing info can be useful :-).

    When you take a practice exam, never "guess" an answer if you don't know it for sure.   Instead mark one of the answers you know is wrong.   That way when you get to the end, you score will reflect your real understanding of that topic.   Now study those areas where you didn't get 100%.

    Also, just because you got a 100% on one particular section, that may not mean much if that section had only a few questions on the practice exam.    That is why I keep begging for more practice exams. 

    I also make my own flash cards up, while I'm reading.   I've never found someone elses cards useful - that may just be me.

    Study real hard.    Take a couple days break.   Study hard some more.   Get some good sleep the night before the exam.   Pray if that helps you too.

    Good Luck !

  • Don't get too discouraged -- the tests are meant to be challenging, but they are passable.  If you look at you scores in the different sections of the test, you'll find where you might need to focus some time.
    The online practice exams are great.  They get you ready for the format and type of questions that are on the real exam.  However, I found that if I focused too much on the practice exams, I was merely memorizing the right answer.

    In addition to what Howard recommends, I'd also recommend configuring any Wi-Fi device you can get your hands on.  Set up a RADIUS server and an enterprise AP for 802.1X authentication.  Take packet captures and dig into every field.  Read the 802.11-2012 (available for free at, or at least the more relevant sections.
    If you have specific questions, this forum is a great place to ask them.  You'll find many good people that are willing and eager to help.
    And above all, focus your study on the objectives, not the study guide or practice tests.  If you use the test objectives, you'll find yourself focusing on the concepts, rather than the answers, and you'll find other useful sources of information.
    Best of luck, and stay positive!

  • I can't believe I forgot the "Study to the Objectives" commandment !

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    I just passed the CWTS exam and i am now studying for the CWNA, below are my suggestions: - its easier studying for CWNA if you have CWTS knowledge, to me its revision stepped up. - if you dont know the explanation behind every answer scoring high in the practice test is worth nada - there are some obvious wrong answers in the choices available. Get rid of them first. - after you take a practice test focus on the score analysis to know where you are lagging - read a lot of literature outside the study guide - the flash cards in the study pack is priceless but useless with over familiarization - do not memorize questions and answers but procedures and protocols All suggestions based on my experience preparing for CWTS

  • bodedun2,

    Congratulations and good luck in your study for CWNA!

    Your test suggestions are outstanding with only one exception reiterated by Howard above:  study to the test objectives!  As you move to CWNA study (and I trust you will then also move on to CWAP, CWDP and CWSP!), you will see the exams are more difficult and require not just study of the official study guide, but lots of other web research.  Cisco and Aerohive are two vendors that have some outstanding study material in your preparation for CWNA (those two just come to mind, other vendors have material also).

    Lastly, as a CWNP successful tester, please encourage others who have failed exams who occasionally post here, to keep on studying!  I just read a blog by a well-known Wi-Fi expert who reported that companies everywhere are looking for individuals who actually understand Wi-Fi!  They can connect APs and configure them, but have no real idea what is happening in the PHY and MAC layers.  Those who pass CWNP exams DO understand these critical principles and are being sought out by many companies.

  • Sorry I didn't report back to this forum sooner, but after some intense studying I passed the exam on my second try with a 96%. Personally I would recommend practical hands-on experience with these. That plus poring over the materials over and over again. seemed to help "drill" it in.

  • WeirDave,

    Congratulations and great score!

    So, what exam is next for you? 

  • I am looking at the CWDP class next. I am waiting until I have some additional field experience first as I indicated earlier. My company has planned in budget for me to have the Fluke Tools (AirMagnet Suite and AirCheck) once these are in my hot little hands and I have worked with them a few months then I will tackle the class.

  • Impressive Improvement in your scores.   Congratulations !

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