• WeirDave,

    There is no 'right or wrong' way to take the next series of tests after CWNA, but I will offer my suggestions (after, reading some others discuss the testing order on another link on this site)

    First, if you are planning to go toward CWNE, go ahead and get all three study guides (CWAP/CWDP/CWSP).  These guides will help you cover topics that are referenced in each study guide.  Even if you do not go all the way to CWNE, you will have an excellent wireless study library!

    Next, I would suggest doing CWAP for your first exam.  It is probably the hardest of these three exams (that's why they give you additional time to take the exam--be sure you have a good packet capture software --Wireshark/Backtrack is free with Linux or WildPackets for Windows--demo package available)  Knowing packets inside and out will give you a great foundation to take either CWSP or CWDP next.  Again, there is no right or wrong way.  But this path seems to make the most logical sense, and it has helped in my CWDP studies already.

    Lastly, keep posting questions, your progress, etc.  We in the Wi-Fi  community want to encourage you and others keep building your knowledge and skill set.

  • I was also under the assumption the the time allotment for the CWAP was longer.

    But the first time I took the test, it only gave me the short usual time.   I wasn't prepared for that, and it shook me enough that I failed it, so I had to take it again.

    The second time I was ready for the shorter time and I passed it.

  • WeirDave

    I am going to make an assumption that you are new to the industry or at least to the testing. I didn't see it anywhere in previous updates so I'll be the first to say it you should expect to fail these test especially as the credentials rise in importance. The pools typically come from seasoned guys in the industry who think about every nuance possible on a given technology. The purpose is to stump you, because in reality when you hit road blocks especially when you are dealing with customers it is your ability to deal with the tough situation that will get you through. If you want an industry were you study for every test and pass it out of the gate I would suggest PMP (sorry PM' I often joke that I could write a test myself and still not pass it, because I over think everything. The general information is good, hands on configuration will help you can and also use study groups to aid in the process. If  you need access to hands on equipment there are always lab rentals or heck in most cases you can just pick up end of sale/end of life equipment for next to nothing. Most of the information will cover fundamentals so this equipment should be more than adequate for your testing. The tests like this industry will stump, irritate and someday just make you crazy how you respond to these test will determine how you do in this field. Happy testing and keep at it. I believe the quote goes something like this "If you reach every goal you every set in your life you setting your goals too low"

  • FAILED CWTS PW0-071. 60%. Needed a 70%I have the book. Took the free practice test A and B and scored 80% but I know that was memorized after a few times of taking it. I just bought the "Official Practice Test" hopefully this helps. I plan on taking it again in 3 weeks. Any additional info/material will helpThanks

  • I just purchased the "Official CWTS Practice Test" for $50 and noticed its the same exact questions (exam A and B) as the free practice test licence key I obtained when I created an account with The customer representative purposed to me another key for another version (CWNA,CWTS etc.) or to reimburse my funds. I mentioned that I did not pass the CWTS; that's why I purchased the Official CWTS Practice Test material; which I though would be different. I did get re-reimbursed. If anyone can assist with additional info regarding PW0-071 it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  • This is not some certificate mill.   You should be getting high 90's before attempting any of the actual certification tests.  

    It helps to always follow the mantra "Study to the Objectives".

    If you use good study habits, and study hard, I'm sure you can pass the CWTS.

  • The tests won't help much. Try to get the flash cards from Sybex website. You need to know the technology.

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