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  • Hi All,

    I am writing CWNA coming Monday. I have read CWNA book twice and have also done practice tests. I have glanced at CWAP book as well. Is it enough for clearing the test ?Also, I have been working on wireless tech. past 1 year. 

  • I hope you STUDIED to the OBJECTIVES !  - not just what was in the book.    Industry whitepapers, even sales brochures.

    Your experience should help, especially if you have been configuring clients and AP's.   It will help if you think back about some of those experiences during the exam.

    Are you consistently getting high 90's on all the test sections?   Anything less means you need to study that part of the technology MUCH more.  

    I know people who passed the CWTS by just reading the book, but the CWNA covers WLAN technology in much more depth.

    How's your 10's and 3's math ?    Both directions ?   Do you understand the issues (frequency, range, materials, etc.), when computing path losses ?

    Good luck.

  • kb,

    I will admit I did not pass my first attempt at CWNA.  It is a tough and challenging exam.  I have lots of RF background (amateur radio, engineering) and have done wifi for years.  Yet, simply reading the book (even twice) may not prepare you enough for the exam. The exam objectives is your main place for study.  Be sure you can fully explain each topic covered in the objectives prior to taking the exam.  Supplement the CWNA study guide (book) with lots of online information.  Look at wifi vendor sites and their white papers.  Lots of good, free information.  Also, the CWNP blog role always has good information.  My comments are not to intimidate you, but be sure you fully comfortable with ALL the exam objectives.  It still will be a challenging exam.  Those who pass CWNP exams really demonstrate that they know the material.

  • Tx guyz for the advice. Really helped. Passed my CWNA with 93%.

  • GREAT JOB !!!

  • If you have any background in client or access point configuration, you should find this article useful. During the test, it will be useful if you recall any of those encounters.

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