• So my campus LAN is split into multiple virtual LANs which each serve different purposes. The important thing is only one of these is unprotected and it has a captive portal set up to allow users to join the other virtual LANs. However to join the network you need to input some credentials and download a program to scan the device (think torrenting programs and antivirus software). This poses a problem when I have multiple people that don't have credentials to access the network and I have to manually associate my credentials for each of the guests. So I was wondering if there was a way to automagically authenticate multiple devices with my credentials to avoid the extra work.

  • Are you an administrator of this network, or just a user?

    Your use of the word "my" is ambiguous.  

    Just asking.

  • why are you authenticating other people with your credentials?

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    That's easy, just give everybody your password :-)

    But seriously...if they don't have credentials to log in and don't have a way to obtain their own valid credentials, then:
    1. they aren't authorized and should not be given network access.
    2. the provisioning process for guest accounts is not adequate.
    There are commercial and free guest provisioning systems available.  Here's a list, though some are defunct:

    Best of luck,

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