• hello everybody,
    first sorry for my limited knowledge of english.
    i want to participate the cwna exam at the next month, i have readed the guide book twice,  but one question bother me after i did some practice tests.
    that is in the real examination, the multiple choice question will have the hint that are there how many correct answers?

  • Correct.
    And it's really not a hint -You can't proceed further until/unlessthe correct number are checked.

    Remember to STUDY TO THE TEST OBJECTIVES- which means studying more than just the book.

    Read white papers and product materials for the areas that you are less familiar with.  By all means configure several AP's and Clients, even if they aren't Enterprize versions.  Get every autentication and security mode they share to work.   Working out the kinks and peculiarities will help when you actually sit the exam.

  • thanks very much! Howard,
    i will keep your comment in mind.

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