• Highlight:- RF technologies 100%
    Lowlight:- Network Implementation 40% (Should have read that chapter :)
    Overall score 71%

    Study method.....really my justification for such a close scrape thru....

    Read thru the Sybex CWNA (PW-104) CWSP, CWDP, CWAP books, a few white papers and (many) papers on 802.11s about 18-12months ago and was getting around  85% overall on the practice tests then took a long break. 4 Weeks ago I decided to carry on with the certification and downloaded the kindle version of CWNA (PW105). I brushed up by reading 4 chapters over about the same number of hours over the 4 weeks on a smart phone (I don't recommend it) then another 8 chapters (on a 20 inch monitor- much better) on the day before the test. I didn’t read Chapters 6, 7,10,11,15 &16 in the latest edition. Another days study would have helped.
    Don't forget if you just answer the questions randomly you are guaranteed a 25% mark!!
    Anything over 50% you know stuff!

    I’ll be a little more rigorous studying for the CWAP exam in around 5 weeks time.


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