• Hi all

    I passed my CWNA first time last week and I thought I would share my experience with those trying to pass. Though I did read the study guide twice, I would like to echo what has been said on here already. You really need to understand the objective. This isn't an exam that you can learn and regurgitate, parrot fashion. The exam its self tests how you apply what you have learned using a lot of real world scenarios and applications of your knowledge. Myself I am working for a systems integrator as a WiFi surveyor and the experience and knowledge this has provided was invaluable to passing my CWNA.

    Use as many different sources for gaining WiFi knowledge and understanding as possible. I recommend using Metageek's EyePA as an excellent tool for using to understand frame types and how the frame exchanges take place between APs and STAs. Also using a basic spectrum analyser gives you a great insight in to how WiFi signals are transmitted.


    Good luck everyone. I'm off to start my CWAP journey!

  • Congratulations.

    Very informative post.

  • Skid,

    Congrats to you as well!  Thanks for sharing the details on how you studied as well.

    CWAP is tough, but worth the study.  Know your frames very, very well!  EyePA will be a good tool to do that.  If you have another protocol analyzer (I used Wireshark in Backtrack Linux, as it is no cost...) use that too. 

    Good luck on your CWAP journey and keep us updated!

  • Congrats and thanks for the heads up.

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