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Last Post: October 16, 2013:
  • Was trying to study for Cisco IUWNE tests for CCNA, but there weren't good materials for the current test. Exam objectives are nice, but who really wants to "search" for all the test material. Came here for the background and depth of knowledge on wireless techs. 2 months later...
    Just passed the CWNA, 75%. Tough but fair test. Definitely tests your ability to apply the terms, definitions, and technologies against scenarios. 

  • Congratulations !

  • Excellent job!

  • jbowerman,

    Congratulations!  Now, the question is: which exam will you study for next?  Personally, I think the CWAP should be next on the list.  It is a difficult exam, but after your study, you will know a TON about Wi-Fi and how it works, especially everything about packets.  Keep posting your progress and questions.

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