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  • I scheduled it now, so I could get a free retake, and hedge my bet. Made an 88%, on the first try. Paid for my CWSP exam today, however, I will not be able to even open the book until early 2014. Since I have already purchased the book and the test, I am committed. My only goal was the CWSP ... but I had to get this out of the way, to get there.

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    Congratulations - great score !

    The CWSP requires a lot of study based on items outside the book.  Much more than the CWNA.   So be prepared to do a lot of searching, and maybe another book or two.
    It is especially important that you "study to the Objectives" on this one.
    Try to get as much experience as you can on actually provisioning devices with different securities, as that will help your memory a lot on the test.   The hardware is not as importnat as the authentication/security pairs themselves.

  • I already have my Comptia Security+, will that help? When I did the Security+ certification, I found what I really enjoy. I want every security based certification, that I can get. Head to head, with a very bright bad guy, sounds like fun to me. Thank you for your advise!

  • There are several worthwhile security certifications, including GIAC,  CISSP, and their related and sub certs.  
    There is also a Certified Ethical Hacker cert.  I hate the name of that one, especially since I am one.  I have found several banks, credit unions, etc. looking for people with it.  
    For 6 years I had the CISSP - this at a time before the govt was requiring it for practically every security related job.   This is a $400 (2003), six hour test where you have to get 80% correct in over ten knowledge domains to pass.   You also have to get a minimum score in each domain, but they don't tell you what that is.   Supposedely 80% of the people who take the exam fail.   It is also expensive and/or time consuming to keep current.  Now that so many jobs require it, it may be a good cert to have.  However, if I had to do it over I would definitely go for the GIAC ones first.

    Getting into your first security position, at even the lowest position, can be the hardest part of all.    You often have to take whatever you can get, and then work your way up.   It really helps to know someone already in the business.

    You would think that law enforcement would be a good place to start, but I have been told by many in that arena that unless you are already in a sworn position that you won't have much luck.

    Good luck anyway - I have always enjoyed the field.

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